Multifunctional System for indoor beekeeping

Beeamond is a completely safe indoor beehive that can give you all honey bee products in your home

Esthetic Model

Beeamond’s Esthetic Model provides the opportunity observing the world of honey bees. Enabling contactless rearing of the bee colonies in an interior setting. Because of its attractive design, it can be placed in a wide variety of environments – from modern marketing places to restaurant lounges or the comfort of your home. It is beneficial to your local community since honey bees will pollinate green environments near you. It is easy to install and includes a hexagonal body, feeder, bee box for colonization, barrier cards (bee stopper cards, queen excluder cards), an attachment for the queen bee cage, entrance set and rotatory wall mount. All of our models are made of organic glass (food grade acrylic) and are connected with 24 carat gold-plated screws.

Productive Model

Beeamond’s Productive Model is an upgraded version of the Esthetic model. The Productive Model contains the additional attachments (pollen collector, propolis collector and bee air inhalation set). Through these attachments you can improve your health and diet habits.

Professional Model

Beeamond’s Professional Model is an upgraded version of the Productive model. This is our most advanced model, upgraded with two new appliances. It comes with additional honey collector and bee venom set. We would recommend you have some previous beekeeping knowledge. Bee venom is very strong medical substance and can promote healing in various human conditions.

A new perspective of keeping honey bees

Explore a new way of gathering honey bee products, from making honeycomb to gathering pollen, propolis, and honey