Multifunctional Systems for indoor beekeeping

The Beeamond System is a new and revolutionary product. A completely safe and modern beehive that provides honey bee products and services from an indoor environment using uniquely designed attachments. Beeamond can represent a home pharmacy introducing healthy habits in your everyday life.

Hand assembly

Food-safe material

24k gold plated screws

398 parts

Patent apl No:

The Esthetic Model

Beeamond’s Esthetic model provides the opportunity for observing the world of honey bees. Enabling the contactless rearing of bee colonies. Because of its attractive design, it can be placed in various indoor environments – i.e. modern marketing blogs, hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and lounges, or in the comfort of your home. A Beeamond System is beneficial to your local community since the honey bees from the system will pollinate plants in your local area.

The Productive Model

Beeamond’s Productive model is an upgraded version of the Esthetic model. The Productive model contains three additional attachments (a Pollen collector, a Propolis collector, and a Bee air inhalation set). Using these attachments can improve your health and diet habits.

The Professional Model

Beeamond’s Professional model is an upgraded version of the Productive model. This is our most advanced model, with the addition of two new attachments. The Honey collector, and the Bee venom set. Bee venom is a very strong medicinal substance and promotes healing under various human conditions. We recommend you have some previous beekeeping knowledge or contact your local beekeeper for advice.

The Beeamond Systems introduce and provide a new approach for maintaining honey bees.

Exploring innovative, and new ways for gathering honey bee products.