Urban Indoor Beehive

The Beeamond urban indoor beehive is an original, innovative, and, above all, safe, modern invention for urban beekeeping. Thanks to specially designed modular add-ons, honey and bee products are within your reach in the interior of your home or business premises. Beeamond is your personal home pharmacy that introduces healthy habits into your life.

Enhance the local ecosystem, improve the health of family members and colleagues at work, and learn more about the world of bees while inspiring others to learn.

Handcrafted and Assembled

Food-safe Product

24k Gold-plated Fasteners – Screws

398 parts

Patent apl No:

Aesthetic Model

The Aesthetic model of the Beeamond urban indoor beehive opens up a whole micro-world of our centuries-old collaborators and feeders, the micro-world of honey bees – Apis mellifera, and allows us to introduce them into our households, to breed them ourselves, and learn from them, observing their life and work in a safe and secure manner.

Thanks to its attractive design, this product is compatible with various interiors, including hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and your own home.

Productive Model

The Productive model of the Beeamond urban indoor beehive is an upgraded version of the Aesthetic model. With the Productive model, you can enjoy pollen and propolis that you have collected yourself, thanks to the modular add-on included in this model. With the Productive model, you also get a pollen collector, propolis collector, and api-inhalation set.

Professional Model

The Professional model of the Beeamond urban indoor beehive is an upgraded version of the Productive model. With two new modular add-ons, honeycomb supers, and a bee venom therapy set, this is our most advanced model of urban indoor beehives. Bee venom is a powerful healing substance that enhances the treatment of various health problems, as well as boosting and maintaining acquired immunity in this time when we are exposed to health challenges on a daily basis. If you want to engage in urban beekeeping with our professional model, first consult with local professional beekeepers if you do not have prior experience in this field yourself.

The Beeamond urban indoor beehive is a completely new and revolutionary way of breeding honey bees, which, besides practicality and high aesthetics, is characterized by high safety and simplicity of handling, easily accessible to all enthusiasts from 5 to 105 years of age.