Esthetic Model


If you have ever considered learning about honey bees then this is the right product for you. The Esthetic model is specifically designed for the enjoyment and study of honey bees in their own micro world. This offer is ideal for keeping honey bees in your home. A new hobby from which you will attract the attention of all your family, friends, customers, and, or visitors, anyone from the age of 5-105 years without a doubt. Keeping them all entertained.

Please note: The Beeamond Systems do not include bees.



This model includes:
  • Hexagonal body
  • Feeder
  • Entrance set
  • Bee Box
  • Rotary wall mount
  • Barrier cards
  • Attachment for the queen bee
Product Benefits

The Esthetic model can be used as an ambient decoration as well as an educational asset. The activation of a Beeamond System promotes and stimulates the pollination processes supporting biodiversity in your local areas. If you are already rearing honey bees this product can be a great monitoring device and indicator of the processes that occur in your bee yard (e.g. flying activities, foraging, and pollen collection). Observing honey bees (hatching, communicating, dancing, and building wax combs) will give you real peace of mind and a deeper insight into the natural processes that occur around these gentle beings.

The Esthetic model provides you with a firsthand experience of having an indoor bee colony, allowing you to gather knowledge about everything that these 150 million years old beings supply to humans. A laser-cut precision-made system of highly resistant acrylic glass, guaranteeing the safety of contactless beekeeping with the usage of barrier cards.