Professional Model


The experience of obtaining fresh honey using the Beeamond Professional model of urban indoor beehive is beyond compare.

For top-tier achievements and experience in urban beekeeping, opt for the Professional model of an urban indoor beehive designed for enthusiasts who want to taste all the benefits of bee products available in their own arrangement.

The Professional model of an urban indoor beehive includes the following:

  • All components of the productive model: Basic hexagonal hive, Bee feeder, Entrance-exit port with hose, Queen cage, Bee box, Rotating wall mount, Separation cards, Queen bee excluder card, Pollen collector, Propolis collector, Api-inhalation set,
  • Advanced modular adds-on – Honeycomb supers and Bee venom therapy set.


Honeycomb Supers

As a special modular add-on, it allows you to collect smaller amounts of honey inside your household or business premises.

You should attach the honeycomb supers when the bee colonies reach their ideal size and when nectar feeding is at its peak.

The doors on the honeycomb supers allow you to access the comb and honey. Using separation cards, you control and restrict the movement of bees. By sliding the sliders, you gain access to the entire surface of the honeycomb supers. Detailed instructions are available in the Beeamond user manual.

If you’re wondering if this is safe, the answer is yes: you can safely consume honey by establishing a bee-free zone in your honeycomb supers.

The bottom part of the honeycomb supers also has an opening for the queen bee excluder card, which prevents the queen bee from laying eggs in this part of the hive.

Bee Venom Therapy Set

Bee venom contains several active substances that are of great benefit to humans. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed this, both in terms of prevention and treatment of a wide range of health problems and conditions.

Bee venom therapy primarily stimulates the immune system, boosts it, and retains it. Do you want to have the most natural means of boosting immunity at your fingertips in an era of increasingly numerous viruses and various enemies of human health? Our set for collecting and using bee venom with the professional model of an urban indoor beehive is the right solution for you.

Of course, reconsider all these ideas on how to get the best possible treatment with bee products after consulting your doctor or apitherapist first.

The Professional model of our urban indoor beehive is actually the new home pharmacy that brings you a multitude of benefits – from apitherapy to bee venom therapy.

By using our most advanced product – the Beeamond Professional model of urban indoor beehive, you will be able to:

  • Fully experience all the benefits of bee products,
  • Discover all the benefits of bee venom in treating certain health problems.

Are you ready to start enjoying the numerous advantages of urban beekeeping in the interior of your household or business space?

In our instructional videos, on the links below, see:

  • How to assemble a bee box step by step – link,
  • How to mount the urban indoor beehive on the wall – link,
  • How to colonize the urban indoor beehive – link.

Note: Bees, queen, assembly, and maintenance of Beeamond urban indoor beehive are not included in the price.

Consult your local beekeeper or apitherapist before use.