About Beeamond

The Golden Bee Company is a specialty beekeeping company, located in Central Europe. Starting in 2014 we have produced more than 50,000 mated queen bees, 200,000 queen cells, and 5,000 swarms. These have been our main products. Now, we have diversified and expanded. Our team of experienced and professional beekeepers is especially proud to introduce our new product, unique in the world, which took us 6 years of research and development. We give you the Beeamond Systems, a completely safe indoor beehive that provides you with honey bee products.

Our aim is to increase awareness of the importance of bees and the benefits of their products for humans. We hope that we will inspire others to join us in nurturing these gentle beings without whom the world would not be the same.

Our managerial staff:

Slobodan Dolasevic, Ph.D. in Beekeeping, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. The founder of the Beeamond Project.

Ratko Pavlovic, a Ph.D. student from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry – Master of Science and expert in the nutrition of honey bees. Assistant and Supervising Manager of Production.

Marijana Dolasevic, Batchelor of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Production Manager and Assistant to the Founder.

Predrag Knezevic, econ., responsible for the strategic management of the company; Responsible for implementing existing plans and policies, ensuring the successful management of the business, and setting future strategy.