About Us

Golden Bee Company is a Central European enterprise specialized in beekeeping.

Since 2014, we have produced over 50,000 queens, more than 200,000 queen cells, and more than 5,000 swarms.

Over time, we have grown and advanced. Our team of skilled and experienced beekeepers proudly presents our new product, which is original and unique in the world and which took us six years to develop.

The Beeamond urban indoor beehive is the perfect opening key to entering the world of urban beekeeping as a hobby. It serves as an ideal educational tool, a scientific research device, and an apitherapeutic aid.

Today, it has become clear how important bees are for the ecosystem, both locally and globally. In this way, we aim to contribute to raising ecological awareness, as well as awareness of all the benefits of using bee products for human health.

Caring for these gentle yet crucial creatures for life on Earth has driven and inspired us to devise a more modern approach to urban beekeeping, which, in addition to being a hobby and a profession, can also have a health and educational aspect.

Members of our team are:

Slobodan Dolašević, Ph.D., graduated in beekeeping from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. Slobodan is the project’s conceptual creator.

Marijana Dolašević, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. Marijana is a production manager and founder’s assistant.

Predrag Knežević, an economist, responsible for the strategic management of the company. Predrag implements existing plans and procedures, ensuring successful business management and setting future strategies.