Aesthetic Model


If you’re interested in a new, different, and more original hobby – urban beekeeping – or if you want to learn about bees in an innovative, practical, and interesting way, this is the right product for you.

The aesthetic model of our urban indoor beehive is specially designed for enjoying the observation of bees. It facilitates entering a completely different micro-world, which has been present for so long but studied so little.

This model of urban indoor beehive is ideal for beekeeping in your household, café, restaurant, hotel, spa/wellness center, or any other business space, with a secure, safe, and, above all, original installation that will surely draw the attention of people of all ages, from 5-105.



This model includes:

  • Basic hexagonal hive – this visually appealing central part of the Beeamond urban indoor beehive easily fits into any interior setting;
  • Bee feeder – a special modular add-on  that helps bees thrive, stay healthy, and be properly fed in case of insufficient nectar and pollen flow;
  • Entrance-exit port with hose (entrance set) – a special modular add-on  through which bees enter and exit the hive into the external environment;
  • Queen cage – a special disposable add-on for transferring and inserting the queen bee into the Beeamond urban indoor beehive;
  • Bee box for transporting and colonizing the Beeamond urban indoor beehive;
  • Rotating wall mount to fix the Beeamond urban indoor beehive securely;
  • Separation cards – ensure the safety of your bees in the hive using these closing cards in case of unplanned pesticide use or sudden weather disasters. Also, separation cards can easily restrict access to the bee feeder and all other modular adds-on of the Beeamond urban indoor beehive;
  • Queen bee excluder card – restricts the queen’s movement within the basic hexagonal hive, preventing her from crossing to the other side or colony expansion and potential swarming.

What are the benefits of the aesthetic model?

The aesthetic model of our innovative urban indoor beehive allows you to experience urban beekeeping firsthand in the interior of your household or business premises. The urban aesthetic beehive is made of high-quality transparent Plexiglas in an original way that allows you to safely observe and study your new neighbors – bees. These diligent creatures that have inhabited our planet for 150 million years surely have much more to teach us besides providing us with precious, healthy, and useful products and services without which life on Earth would not exist.

The laser-cut and precisely made system of high-resistant Plexiglas guarantees safety and contactless urban beekeeping, further enhanced by separation cards.

The aesthetic model of the urban indoor beehive allows you to:

  • transform your personal or business premises into a leisure and study area for family members, friends, colleagues, and visitors, but also turn your waiting rooms into pleasant spaces where clients gladly spend their time;
  • contribute to local biodiversity and the much-endangered pollination process;
  • learn, study, and enjoy your bees daily with little investment, alongside extraordinarily interesting events in the hives that you can monitor 24/7.

Experience the joy of urban beekeeping with a beautifully designed and functional aesthetic model of the urban indoor beehive.

In our instructional videos, on the links below, see:

  • How to assemble a bee box step by step – link,
  • How to mount the urban indoor beehive on the wall – link,
  • How to colonize the urban indoor beehive – link.

Note: Bees, queen, assembly, and maintenance of the Beeamond urban indoor beehive are not included in the price.

Consult your local beekeeper or apitherapist before use.