Productive Model


Take advantage of honey bee products with our Productive model that comes with three specially designed separate attachments (the Pollen collector, the Propolis collector, and the Air inhalation therapy set). This system upgrade will provide you with healthy and fresh bee product that comes directly from your honey bees.

Please note: The Beeamond Systems do not include bees.



This model includes:
  • Hexagonal body
  • Feeder
  • Entrance set
  • Bee Box
  • Rotary wall mount
  • Barrier cards
  • Attachment for the queen bee
  • Pollen collector
  • Propolis collector
  • Inhalation set
Product Benefits

Previously, with existing technologies, gathering any bee products indoors was unimaginable until now. Using one of the Beeamond models (Productive or Professional), you get to experience having your own honey bee products and have your own Air inhalation therapy set.

The Productive model will supply you with pollen, propolis, and air inhalation.

Pollen is a very sensitive biomaterial and it is almost impossible to purchase in fresh form (it is only available in a heat-dried or frozen form). Pollen is best in a fresh form. It provides the most nutritional value when consumed this way.

Several literature reviews and narrative syntheses were conducted to investigate the evidence of the reported health benefits of propolis. There is significant promise for propolis as an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Fresh propolis may be provided by a professional Propolis collector, or from the openings on the Beeamond hive.

Apitherapy users regularly inhale hive air directly from the hive. Components of honey, pollen, beeswax, and propolis are released into the air. Inhaling the air from beehives (etheric aerosol) has positive effects on psychophysical well-being. Many bee houses which provide medically set-up rooms for inhalation therapy, are generally far away, time-limited, and costly.