Professional Model


Using our most advanced product – the Beeamond Professional model, you will fully experience all the benefits of honey bee products and services. It comes with two additional attachments – a Honey collector and a Bee venom therapy set.

The benefit of obtaining fresh honey using the Beeamond Professional System model is unsurpassed.

Bee venom provides advantages for the potential treatment of various disorders. Bee venom contains several active molecules which have shown benefits for the human body. It can be introduced into the human body by using the Bee venom therapy set provided in the Beeamond Professional model.

Please note: The Beeamond Systems do not include bees.



This model includes:
  • Hexagonal body
  • Feeder
  • Entrance set
  • Bee Box
  • Rotary wall mount
  • Barrier cards
  • Attachment for the queen bee
  • Pollen collector
  • Propolis collector
  • Inhalation set
  • Honey collector
  • Bee venom set