From Istanbul to Dubai: Our Urban Indoor Beehives Make Waves Across the Globe

We want to grow, be better every day, and offer our customers the best possible solutions. That’s why we have been participating in different fairs, events, conferences, and professional gatherings where we exchange our knowledge and experience with other professionals, learn, talk, and present our urban indoor beehives.

In this blog, we will share with you the experience of participating in international and national events that we are proud of.

Apimondia 2022

One such event was the 47th Apimondia Apicultural Congress, held in Istanbul, Turkey in Аugust 2022.

The Apimondia is the biggest beekeeping event in the world where beekeepers, scientists, honey traders, development workers, technicians, and legislators meet to listen, discuss and learn from each other.

It is organized by Apimondia, International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations which aims to promote scientific, technical, ecological, social, and economic apicultural development.

We had the great opportunity to present our urban indoor beehives and meet great people and professionals. One of them was Eng. Johny Abou Rjeily, who even recorded the video about our urban indoor beehives, and explained how you can start beekeeping in your home. Watch the video here.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Another valuable event was Expo 2020 Dubai and we are so proud of being part of such an important and grandiose event.

Participants and visitors we impressed with our urban indoor beehives and were interested in all the benefits that they could provide.

Look at our gallery to see the photos from Expo 2020 and other important events that we were part of.

65th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements

One more event we are particularly proud of is domestic and it is the 65th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements, whose jury awarded us the Grand Prize “Step into the Future” for the most successful exhibit.

Beeamond's founders with an urban indoor beehive

So our urban indoor beehives and their usefulness are nationally and internationally recognized. We participated in fairs and events in Austria, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and even in TEDx Montenegro. We will give you more details about it in some future blogs.

For now, take a look at our gallery.

To learn more about our urban indoor beehives, visit this link or get in touch with us.

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