Beeamond urban indoor beehive at the Immuno fest

Urban Indoor Beehives at the Immuno Fest in Belgrade

Everybody knows how important bee products are for improving our immune system, and we had the opportunity to talk about it at the Immuno Fest with its visitors.

On April 6 and 7, we enjoyed being part of the Immuno Fest, a fantastic event organized by Lepa&Srećna magazine in collaboration with the Mondo portal.

The event took place in the atrium of the BIG FASHION Mall & Park, where we had the wonderful opportunity to engage with visitors and showcase our innovative urban indoor beehives.

As enthusiasts for sustainability and environmental consciousness, our presence at Immuno Fest allowed us to share our passion for urban beekeeping and introduce our revolutionary urban indoor beehives to a diverse audience.

With the visitors, who showed great interest in our urban indoor beehives, we also discussed the benefits of api-inhalation, bee venom therapy, and the importance of pollen, honey, and propolis for our health and a good immune system.

Our participation at the Immuno Fest was supported by the STARTECH program, financed by Philip Morris International and implemented by NALED.

Soon, we will have the opportunity to participate in similar important events and introduce our innovative urban indoor beehives to a wider audience, stakeholders, and business sector representatives.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming engagements and initiatives!

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