Beeamond's founders with an urban indoor beehive

Peek into the future of urban beekeeping: Urban Indoor Beehive

Did you know that one-third of our food depends on pollinators like bees? Thanks to pollination, bees help plants produce fruits and seeds.

Bees also play a vital role in preserving biodiversity (biological diversity), and they also play a crucial role in the sustainability of the ecosystem, making it more resistant to ever-present negative influences.

Bees have been declared the most important insects on the planet. Without them, our world would look completely different, explains Slobodan Dolešević, PhD of beekeeping at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, and the conceptual creator of the innovative product – Beeamond urban indoor beehives.

Our goal was to enable people to engage in beekeeping even in urban environments without the need for traditional beekeeping spaces. We realized there was a need for an innovative approach that would allow beekeeping in a new and practical way, explains Marijana Dolešević, production manager at Golden Bee, the company producing unique urban indoor beehives.

The 65th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements

Innovative revolution in the world of beekeeping

What is an urban indoor beehive, and how is it possible for bees to inhabit indoor spaces?

As its name suggests, the Beeamond urban indoor beehive can be installed in houses, apartments, business premises, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, etc.

Its creation was preceded by six years of preparation, research, planning, and testing, combining theoretical knowledge about bees and practical experience in beekeeping.

The Beeamond urban indoor beehive is completely safe for users and designed to prevent bees from entering the interior space where it is located. Bees freely exit the hive into the external environment through an exit pipe. All that is needed is for users to have a hole in the wall, like one for an air conditioner, where the pipe is placed through which bees exit, bring in pollen and nectar, and return to their community.

Models tailored to the needs of users

Depending on the needs and interests of users, there are three models of Beeamond urban indoor beehives:

  • Aesthetic model – ideal for observing and studying bees and getting to know their community and way of life.
  • Productive, thanks to specially designed adds-on that come with it, allows for the collection of bee products, such as honey, pollen, propolis, and api-inhalation.
  • Professional, which is the most advanced model and, in addition to the accessories offered with the productive model, is equipped with a honeycomb super and bee venom therapy set.

Showcase beehives already exist in the world, even in this form. Still, something new that has not yet been seen is adds-on, with the help of which you can get bee products – pollen, propolis, Api inhalation, bee venom supplement, and honey supplement. We are in the process of international patent protection, so I hope we will succeed in that, explains Marijana Dolešević.

Beeamond urban indoor beehive in primary school in Kaunas, Lithuania

Who are urban indoor beehives intended for?

The Beeamond urban indoor beehive is intended for many users. Anyone wanting to get to know the fascinating world of bees is a potential user because, thanks to the design and functionality, professional knowledge of beekeeping is unnecessary.

The Beeamond urban indoor beehive is, therefore, intended for:

  • Scientific research institutions, as they offer the possibility of observing, testing, and discovering new knowledge about the world of bees.
  • Educational institutions (schools and universities) because the Beeamond urban indoor beehive contributes to increasing environmental awareness among students, encouraging a connection with nature, and promoting sustainability. In this way, students develop a love for nature, a connection with the environment, and a sense of responsibility and care for our planet.
  • Socially responsible companies dedicated to sustainability and the well-being of employees – both because of the possibility of api-inhalation and inhaling aromatic air from the hive and because of the therapeutic effect of the sound emitted by bees.
  • Households – because of the health benefits in the form of api-inhalation and bee products.
  • Api-Wellness centers, api-therapists, hotels, zoos, botanical gardens, nature lovers, etc.

In Lithuania, for example, Beeamond urban indoor beehives are located in the zoo, restaurants, schools, and ethno-complexes, and their significance and innovation were recognized at the 65th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements, whose jury awarded Golden Bee the Grand Prize “Step into the Future” for the most successful exhibit.

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Beeamond urban indoor beehive in primary school in Kaunas

The future of beekeeping depends on the ecosystem and global agricultural production. Bees play a vital role in plant pollination, which is necessary for food production and biodiversity conservation. However, bees are increasingly endangered due to various factors, including pesticide use, climate change, and diseases, concludes Dr. Slobodan Dolešević, emphasizing that education and raising awareness of their importance are necessary to protect bees, promote organic agricultural production, reduce pesticide use, and support beekeeping.

Beeamond urban indoor beehives are a completely unique product that allows you to learn about bees and observe them up close and, depending on the model you choose, enjoy the benefits of API-inhalation, bee venom therapy, and products such as pollen, honey, and propolis in your own home or business premises.